After flood, New Hope gets back to business

NEW HOPE, Pa. - September 15, 2011

For the New Hope-Ivyland Railroad, things are literally back on track. Last week's flooding washed out the earth beneath the tracks in spots, but that's been repaired and the trains are running once again.

Martine's Restaurant right on the Delaware had 16 inches of water inside when the river all but swallowed the local landmark, but with al ot of hustling by staff it managed to reopen Sunday night.

"I set it up so that we could, as much as possible, as much as realistically we can, be somewhat flood resilient," said owner Martine Landry.

  B&B owner John Byers says he thinks lots of people stay away because they think the town is still underwater.

  "There's a perception that everything is washed away or mud or closed down," said Byers.

"I did have that impression," said Robin Kelley of Malvern. "But then I called the police and found out that it was clear to come in and everything's fine now that we're here."

For anyone who's unsure of the status here, business owners are anxious to get the word out that they are open, they are dry and they are ready to serve customers.

  "We've been doing everything we can - sending out newsletters, calling people, letting them know we're here," said Nick Gialias of The Logan Inn.

The owner of Affordable Art at the Four Seasons Mall has been around for six floods, including the one last week.

  "That probably keeps people away at first but they come right back in. A lot of people don't even know we've been flooded. They don't pay any attention to it," said Jim Miscisin of the Affordable Art Gallery.

Shop owners add that being open isn't the same as being busy and to recover from the floods economically, businesses need to fill their shops - fast!

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