Add coupons to all your loyalty cards at once

SCHWENKSVILLE, Pa. - Spet. 19, 2011

The site is called "Saving Star." And as "Moms Need to Know" Blogger Mindi Cherry explains, it's really easy to use.

"You just go in one time, register your account, register all your loyalty cards and every two weeks they add new coupons," she explains. "You go in, you add the new coupons to your card and you're done."

The site is linked to store loyalty cards for just about every major supermarket and pharmacy in our area, except for Walgreens, which doesn't offer loyalty cards. The coupon will come off at whichever store you buy the product at first.

But here are two things you need to know. First, Saving Star coupons aren't doubled, even if your store has a double-coupon policy. And second, the savings won't come off your total receipt in the store.

Cherry explains, "You don't see the savings at the register. What it does is, it deposits your savings into your Saving Star account. Once you meet the minimum payment threshold, you can take it as a withdrawal. And you can either get a check, or an (gift) card, or a Paypal withdrawal."

That minimum threshold is $5.00. Plus, you can combine the Saving Star coupons with in-store specials to maximize savings.

Cherry adds, "Nothing to print out, nothing to clip, nothing to file. It's very easy. It's one click and you're done."

To register your shopper loyalty cards with Saving Star, click here.

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