Exclusive: Voorhees armed robber caught on tape

VOORHEES, N.J. - September 15, 2011

The video caught some details investigators picked up on quickly. The armed robber may be former military or at least received some basic training. The robbery happened last week and police want you to take a close look at the exclusive video above.

In the video, the armed robber waits until all the cars leave the gas station at Haddonfield-Berlin Road.

He approaches the attendant shack cautiously, peeks in, and then storms inside with his gun drawn. There's a brief struggle as the thief demands cash.

"Responding officers went and checked the area, had a K-9 on scene within minutes, conducted a K-9 track that led into the neighborhood about a block away and stopped cold," Voorhees Police Sgt. Dennis Ober said.

So far the leads have dried up, but the surveillance video reveals the armed robber has received firearms training.

"When he raises the gun, you see he has his finger off the trigger, it's on the side of the gun. Any basics firearms trainer is going to train you to have your finger off the gun," Ober said.

He points out other techniques.

The right-handed thief also has his left foot forward, the gun and his body are away from the victim and at one point, he holds the weapon with two hands.

After getting around $200, the thief flees down a side street.

"Gives us reason to believe he had a motor vehicle in that neighborhood waiting or he just jumped into that car and drove away himself," Ober said.

Police want you to take a close look at the thief. They point out he has sideburns, an athletic build and was wearing a black hat with a logo or merchandise sticker on it.

Anyone with information is urged to call Voorhees Police.

So far, detectives have not been able to connect this suspect to any other robberies around the area.

The gas attendant was uninjured.

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