Willingboro High School remains closed for mold

WILLINGBORO, N.J. - September 19, 2011

"We want to err on the side of caution for everyone. We know that there are various types of mold and various levels of mold. We want to be sure that everyone's safe and take all precautions," said Ronald Taylor, the School Superintendent.

Students missed five days of classes when the high school was closed last week after tests showed mold contamination in several areas of the building including classrooms.

The district has hired a remediation company that's in the process of cleaning up the mold.

Almost 1000 students returned to class today but at the old Levitt Middle School, which will be used while the high school gets cleaned up.

"Well I'm glad I got out of there because I'm allergic to mold myself," said Doniele Scott, a student at the school.

"You don't know who exactly might get sick and all the mold could just make it worse," said student Sharod Lee.

Mold was also found at two other schools, J.C. Stuart Elementary and Memorial Middle School. However because the contamination there was limited they are remaining open during the cleanup.

"I'm very concerned. I mean if they take care of it that's great but who's to say that it's not coming back? Mold always comes back," said Martha Torres, a parent.

As for how long will it take to sanitize the high school so students can return, that's something school district officials are unsure of.

"We're hoping for around two weeks at the maximum but we're not sure. We're not experts. We're relying on the experts," said Superintendent Taylor.

The district is juggling schedules to make up for missed days and of course it's a disruption to move students to a different location for classes.

Officials say they are hoping to get the clean up finished as quickly as possible and get the kids back in their school.

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