Increased security at school after weapons found

MILLVILLE, N.J. - September 20, 2011

Two students training for a cross country run came across the bags in a wooded area behind the school Monday afternoon. A sawed-off shotgun, knives and bullets were discovered inside those bags.

Investigators have been looking over the weapons at the Millville Police Department. They pulled a serial number off the shotgun. It hasn't been reported stolen and police are looking for the owner.

The two 16-year-old boys who found the weapons along a running trail near the school spoke exclusively with Action News.

One of the students who found the weapons, William Poley, tells Action News, "We were running as we were cleaning up and we saw these bags and were like, 'oh, what's in them?' So we looked and, you know, there was a bunch of weapons in it. So, we took it to our Coach Hoover then from there."

There were after school activities going on at the time of the discovery, forcing the school and police to stop everything and shut the building down.

"I was just thinking about Columbine again. Like, if something like that were to happen, because it's on school property," said Poley.

Today, the investigation continues as parents worry about the safety of their children.

Howard Conover, whose grandchild attends Millville Senior High, says, "[It's] kind of scary because you don't think these kind of things happen here but they do.

There was increased security at the school today and increased police patrols in the area.

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