Call for Action Results: Summertime successes

PHILADELPHIA - September 21, 2011

Here's a recap of just some of the ways they've done that.

Who could forget Verna Cole? We interviewed her after Call for Action helped get her sister, Mitzie, relocated to a different health care facility, a facility Verna told us was much better for her sister's needs.

"I even remember the name of the woman I talked to. Bonnie. She was a Godsend," Verna told Action News.

Beth Delone says the CFA volunteer who resolved her case was a Godsend, too.

Call for Action helped Beth get a refund of more than $1,000 from an airline after the family's flight to Florida was cancelled due to a pilot's strike.

"This house, when I moved here, it was abandoned," Dorothy Wilson told us as she showed us the home that sits right next to hers.

After CFA got involved, the city of Philadelphia started demolition on it.

"I'm very relieved," said Dorothy. "I feel much better that at least we can see now what's going on here."

"The service was excellent," said Richard Weinstein of Northeast Philadelphia. "They got on the problem immediately. They kept me updated, and it was fast."

CFA helped Richard Weinstein get his computer fixed and an unauthorized charge for software taken off his account.

"I was amazed," said Michelle Collins of Brooklawn, New Jersey. "I would tell anybody if there is anything out like that to try them first, especially if you know you're right."

Michelle is grateful after Call for Action helped her get a refund from a dentist for a root canal that got infected.

And finally, our volunteers helped Daria Gland of Newark, Delaware get a loan modification after her boyfriend passed away and she couldn't afford the mortgage on her salary alone.

"It was a big help, and I'm glad that I did contact Channel 6 and I was able to get my modification approved."

As always, if you have any consumer issue you'd like help getting resolved, our volunteers are here to help you. The CFA hotline number is 1-866-978-4232, that's 1-866-WPVI-CFA.

For more information on how to become a volunteer, click here.

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