4-foot alligator found in Delco creek

ASTON, Pa. - September 22, 2 011

Police in Aston, were forced to fire a shot to put the gator down Wednesday after he was discovered in Chester Creek along New Road.

"I guess they're not used to catching them so that's what they had to do you know," said Sandy Lauer.

The four foot long alligator was spotted behind Lauer's home. The past few weeks, she's seen the reptiles tracks.

"My husband said he thought it was down there but we hadn't seen it and then we saw all the cops coming here yesterday, we were like oh no and then they said the gator is down there," said Lauer.

Pennsylvania's Game Commission told the Aston Police that alligators area illegal and a threat so the officers were forced to take him down.

"Ultimately we had to put it down for the safety of the public. We don't want something like that getting out or hurting children or pets or anything," said Officer Mikell Jones.

The gator might not have been the only one in the creek. Police got a tip Thursday that there could be a few more lurking in the area.

"That is not confirmed however if anyone along that area does spot an alligator, they're instructed not to go near it, although it's about four or five feet long, they're still dangerous and call 911 right away," said Officer Jones.

The Pennsylvania Biological Survey says the exotic species are typically brought into the state as pets.

Owners dump the reptiles in the waterways to get rid of them but most don't survive in the harsh winter climate.

"It's very irresponsible especially with all the properties here and the homes and a lot of people here have kids," said Lauer.

Glad, that the gator is gone from her backyard, Lauer and others in the community are now taking precautions.

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