Not a trick! Pumpkin prices on the rise

MEDFORD, N.J. - September 23, 2011

While the relentless rain we've had recently has caused some pumpkin farmers to lose their crops to water mold, Pete Johnson of Medford is breathing a sigh of relief.

"We're fortunate. We've got extremely high, sandy, well-drained soil and all of our pumpkin fields, we've learned over the years, we should plant the pumpkin patches on the highest, best-drained soil," Johnson said.

That means the 25 acres of pumpkins Johnson grows next to his popular farm market are ready for picking and already customers are arriving at the farm to make their selections.

"I heard on the news that pumpkins weren't going to be good this year, but they were pretty good when we went back there," Alexis Siderio of Glendora, New Jersey said.

As you know, picking a pumpkin is a very personal thing. No matter how young or old you are, everyone's got their requirements.

Because of crop damage elsewhere, you may pay more for a pumpkin this year depending on where you buy. Johnson Farms is raising its price a dime a pound, not because of a shortage, but because of rising costs.

Looking at the happy faces on pumpkin-lovers big and small, it seems to be money well spent.

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