Actress Dyan Cannon talks life with Cary Grant

September 25, 2011

She's an actress, writer, director, producer, composer, and now author. All these years later, she reveals the true story about her marriage to the dashing star Cary Grant.

Why now did she decide to give the details of their tumultuous relationship?

"There isn't any one of us who hasn't had a heart broken and who hasn't really suffered as a result of a broken heart," she said.

Cannon's book is called, "Dear Cary, My Life with Cary Grant."

It begins after her first film in 1960, with how she initially shrugged off Grant's advances. That soon changed, and as Cannon explains she found the love of her life, but lost herself in the relationship.

"Anything to make him happy, that's ok. If you start to lose your own thought process, that's when it gets dangerous," said Cannon.

She writes candidly about her breakdown after the divorce and rehab. She was literally penniless while trying to raise her daughter.

Despite hardships, she learned a life lesson.

"I think forgiveness is a huge tool. I think it's a yielding of the heart, I think understanding, I think a bigger power going on than just me is necessary," said Cannon.

Through perseverance, she survived through the toughest of times.

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