One of a kind lamps

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - October 4, 2011

He builds them from old car parts, discarded objects, and anything else that strikes his fancy.

Once inspired, he cleans his raw materials meticulously, and then keeps arranging the pieces until he's satisfied. One lamp could take months to complete.

Evans does not accept commissions. Each design is his and his alone, although admirers are welcome to buy his works.

He displays the lamps at a South Philadelphia store called Reliable Floor Covering, also known as 1600 Below Vintage.

The shop at Tasker and Passyunk has some old rugs, old clothing, antique jewelry, and furniture Evans' lamps fit right into the eclectic mix.

Owner Maria Furey first saw the lamps about a year ago and welcomed them into inventory. They're featured prominently in her window displays.

Evans sees his lamps more as devices which promote relaxation than as light sources. Consequently, he fits most of them with small amber incandescent bulbs.

Before a lamp is offered for sale, he makes sure it has only the latest electrical parts, generously overrated to be certain everything is safe.

The best way to see the lamps would be in person at the store, open every day at either 11:00am or 12:00 Noon.

The store has no website but is on Facebook. You may also phone there at 267-974-8801.
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