Parenting: Maternity Photos

September 26, 2011

Sometimes, women need a little nudge to pose for pictures. With that in mind, I dragged my friend, and colleague, Sarah Bloomquist, to a photography studio. We chose Joyce Smith of Wayne, PA. She often works on location, but took Sarah into her natural light studio to take some breathtaking portraits. She suggested Sarah wear a simple outfit, like a wrap dress, that's fitted so we can see the belly! In many of the pictures she asked Sarah to place her hands on her belly, often looking down, and thinking about how her life would soon change. Sarah tried on a few different outfits. Sometimes Joyce recommends workout clothes too. Joyce was so natural and friendly, she reminded Sarah to breathe deeply and Sarah seemed to relax right away! The portraits are phenomenal!

Sarah nervously admitted, "I have my picture taken every day, but this just feels different... I had to think these aren't just for me but for a little one down the road who will think this is really fun". She added, "We don't know if it's a boy or a girl... It's a great time in life, I felt great through the whole pregnancy and it will be nice to have these pictures."

The average sitting fee for a portrait is approximately $300.00 (That does not include any copies of the photos!) If that's too pricey, Joyce suggests having a friend take your photo wearing the same outfit once a month, against the same plain background in your home. You can make a collage of all the photos and the unity will give the collage a professional feel, without the professional cost! I actually did this with my first child, but I'm not showing anyone my growing belly step by step!

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