Spend less, save more when buying in bulk

September 26, 2011

Consumer Reports has moves to guarantee that you're saving and spending.

Sam's Club and Costco say that they offer 30 percent discount on brand named items.

How come you don't always see those savings? Consumer Reports says that often times people buy more than they plan to get.

Consumer Reports' Todd Marks says that maximizing the savings does take some discipline.

"Before heading out to a warehouse club, make a list and then stick to it," said Marks.

That means resisting the urge to browse. You can get great deals on electronics and jewelry but that wasn't what you went in to buy.

If you're short on will power, try shopping on the club's website.

"Sam's Club has a great service called 'Click and Pull.' You can place an order online before 5:00 p.m. and you can pick up the next day," said Marks.

Both sites also offer online only specials.

When shopping in store, be sure to check out unit prices, to see if you're getting a better deal than in the grocery store.

And if the large packages are too much, many warehouse clubs offer smaller sizes in a lot of staples.

"Some items still come in bulk, but if your favorites are still in bulk consider splitting with a friend," said Marks.

For another money saving move, try the cheaper warehouse club brand, Kirkland Signature at Costco and Members Mark at Sam's Club.

Many of the club brands rated highly in Consumer Reports' related tests.

A yearly membership at Costco is $50, and at Sam's Club its only $35.

For those not sure that they want to commit, Sam's Club also offers a one day pass with 10% surcharge.

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