Resorts seeks to bar Gloria Allred from lawsuit

ATLANTIC CITY - September 27, 2011

Resorts Casino Hotel has filed legal papers asserting the California attorney does not meet the legal standard for out-of-state attorneys to be admitted to a New Jersey case. They also cite what they term her "grandstanding public behavior."

Allred disagrees, saying she and her co-counsel are perfectly qualified to handle the case. She told The Press of Atlantic City Resorts must be scared of her to take such a step.

She added the casino "must be afraid of something. Otherwise, why would they be trying to block my representation of these women?"

Allred and her law partner, Nathan Goldberg, must get permission from the court to appear in the case because they are not licensed to practice in New Jersey.

In court documents filed by Resorts, the casino asserted Allred and her firm would add nothing to the case.

"While undoubtedly Ms. Allred, the `G-woman' and `celebrity lawyer' who seeks admission in this case, is singularly adept at generating media exposure for herself, it is respectfully submitted that no good cause exists for her admission or that of her partner in this litigation," Resorts said.

Allred referred to herself as "The G-woman" at a news conference announcing the discrimination case earlier this year. It was a play on words referring to the casino's Roaring `20s theme when government agents were referred to as "G-men."

The servers allege they were fired in favor of younger servers when the casino switched to skimpy costumes over the winter as part of the Roaring `20s rebranding. It included revealing flapper outfits that longtime servers said were humiliating to wear.

The casino is facing three such lawsuits from groups of former employees.


Information from: The Press of Atlantic City

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