6at4 Business Report: Best Buy, family savings, coffee

September 28, 2011

If you lost your job how long could you continue to make your mortgage or rent payments? a new survey by a financial constorium mostly made of financial planners found that 1 in 3 Americans would only be able to pay their mortgage or rent payment for one month or less if they became unemployed.

/*Best Buy*/ is outlining its holiday expansion plans. This year, the electronics retailer plans to hire 15,000 seasonal employees. At first many say it sounds like great news, however that's actually half as many, as last year's forecast.

Also, for the holidays, Best Buy says it will loosen return policies, and expand services for its tech support team, called the "Geek Squad." They're also offering a years worth of tech support for $100 if you buy a personal or tablet computer.

Coffee farmers have a mega supply on their hands. What does this mean for you? Hopefully, a cheaper cup of Joe! Coffee futures have been down lately and now analysts say they could fall even more. That's because coffee farmers are about to start delivering a record crop of robusta beans.

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