Fighting back against violence in South Phila.

SOUTH PHILADELPHIA - September 29, 2011

There have been several shootings since Sunday night in and around South Philadelphia.

People have been killed, and innocent children have been shot.

Two killings in the Grays Ferry section on Wednesday night were the latest incidents. The wave of violence have forced police to beef up uniform patrols all across the community.

Investigators say there are a variety of reasons to explain why 13 people have been shot since Sunday.

"Just angry people over minor issues. Some are angry people over a long history of gang-related issues," said Capt. Larry Nodiff.

This explosion of gun violence have been called unprecedented. Sadly, it has not led to a flood of tip calls to police.

Even Tuesday night's shooting and wounding of a 2-year-old girl on Bucknell Street has not spurred anyone to call with information on the two gunmen being sought.

The child remains in critical condition.

"At this point, I'm outraged that, the detectives working on this case are outraged that my phones are not ringing off the hook," said Capt. Nodiff.

The law-abiding locals are weary as they struggle to cope with - and understand - the violence in their neighborhood.

"What it's showing is that a lot of people are living their lives just totally fear-based. The guns and the only answer to a situation is violence," said Jay Kennedy.

The murder at 31st and Tasker on Wednesday night brought the number of homicides in Philadelphia to 239 for the year, one ahead of last year's pace.

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