Buckle up! Inside look at 'Pan Am'

NEW YORK - October 2, 2011

Warminster's own Mike Vogel, star of the recent movie "The Help", has landed smack dab in the turbulent sixties.

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In Pan Am, Mike is taking on the role of Dean Lowrey, the adorable pilot who got his heart broken in the season premiere.

But buckle up, this hopeless romantic is about to become a playboy extraordinaire, something Mike says is not the case in real life.

"I was never a good ladies' man; I cannot talk to women to save my life. I was fortunate enough to find my wife, who took pity on me," Vogel said.

Mike's career keeps him out west but he's an East Coast boy at heart.

"L.A. is where I live, it's where I have to live, but Philadelphia is my home. and it feels that way every time I come back," Vogel said.

And this TV pilot is a pilot in real life.

"My whole life I wanted to go to the Air Force Academy and fly, it was what I wanted to do. That didn't end up happening, but that was sort of the dream that never died so privately I pursued my pilot's license," Vogel said.

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In chatting with us, Mike let a few things slip about his days before acting when he worked with his father as a plumber.

"I flooded more bathrooms than I care to admit; thank God I found my way into this because I was not a very good plumber," Vogel said.

So what we can expect from Dean Lowrey and the show this season?

"A man's got to rebound and he does, he's also traveling the world with wide open options everywhere he goes so there's some fun to be had," Vogel said.

"There's a lot of fun stuff coming, we're on episode six right now and every time I read one of these scripts it just gets better and better and better and better so I'm excited and I hope people get excited about it too."

And now that he's tasted both the City of Brotherly Love and the City That Never Sleeps, we had to ask him – cheesesteaks or cheesecake?

"Oh are you kidding me? Cheesesteaks," he said.

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His favorite spot?

"I'm a Steve's guy. I still remember in high school making 5 a.m. Steve's runs down on the Boulevard," Vogel said.

Jet on over to this link for much, much more from Mike and his First Officer, played by Mike Mosley.

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