6at4 Business Report: Auto Sales, Star Bucks, Bank of America

October 3, 2011 2:23:50 PM PDT
Some positive news from the auto industry after the latest sales figures were released, but it was another down day for the markets. It was another rough road for stocks today. That means we kicked off the fourth quarter the same way we ended the third quarter -- on a down note!

September Auto Sales Up
Better than expected today, September auto sales. GM, Ford and Chrysler all out with sales gains that were bigger than estimates. Up 20 percent at GM!

Bank of America Website Problems
Bank of America's having more problems with its website, which has been out on and off since Friday. Bank of America telling us the problem's heavy traffic, not hacking or technical.

Starbucks Helping Small Business
You know how Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has urged Congress to put politics aside to get the country focused on job creation? Now Starbucks is going to start collecting donations online and at some stores to help fund loans to small businesses in a program called "Create Jobs for USA" with a group called Opportunity Finance Network. Schultz told Bloomberg, "This is about Americans helping Americans. We're not going to wait for Washington."