Rocks damage car windshields along Blue Route

WOODLYN, Pa - October 3, 2011

"All of a sudden I heard a loud pop," said Fran.

That pop was the sound of a large rock hitting their windshield as they travelled up the highway Sunday night.

The Sharkans say it happened on the Blue Route as they travelled underneath an unused train tressel right before the MacDade Boulevard exit.

Keith, covered in broken windshield glass, quickly pulled over onto the shoulder and called 911.

He and his wife soon realized how lucky they were to walk away uninjured.

"Had the glass gone higher into my eyes I would have lost my sight and that would have been it," said Keith.

State police officers quickly arrived to help the Sharkans and inform them that it isn't the first time this has happened at this exact same location.

In fact, it turns out that reports of rocks tossed at vehicles from this overpass have been coming in for nearly a year now.

"I was just very angry and I think people need to know. They need to know where its happening because thousands of cars pass there every day," said Keith.

State Police are asking anyone with information about who is tossing rocks at commuters to please give them a call.

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