Big pig is big attraction at NJ farm

WASHINGTON TWP., N.J. - October 4, 2011

They're getting a look at John Henry - tipping the scales at 700 pounds and still growing.

"He's 700 pounds but I don't think he's obese. He's not that fat," said farmer Shari Bylicki. "I mean, he could probably get to 1500 pounds if you let him."

John Henry isn't just any old pig. He's a Yorkshire pig, actually trained to do tricks. After local animal trainer Tucker Harthorne died in 2010, his wife Susan asked Matt and Shari Bylicki to take John Henry because the big pig was eating her out of house and home.

So, John Henry recently moved to Country Fresh Farms on Route 31 in Washington Township where he's now living high on the hog in a new shelter built just for him.

"When I go past his pen at home I'm always sad because I miss him but then I know he's happier and getting a lot more attention and a lot more food," said Susan Gural.

John Henry is already a huge attraction here at the farm. No one can believe quite how big he is. And despite his gargantuan size this is one polite, good-natured pig - and a bit of a ham.''

"So many times in the last two weeks I just watch people they get a glimpse and, all of a suden, they suddenly spin back and they hit the brakes!" said Matt Bylicki.

Some have suggested turning John Henry into dinner but the Bylickis won't hear of it.

"People want to use him for bacon. I can't do that!" said Shari Bylicki. "I mean look at his eyes. He's so adorable."

As for a diet? Don't hold your breath. This big boy is too happy just pigging out.

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