Emmaus students involved in sexting incident

EMMAUS, Pa. - October 4, 2011

This time, it involves students at Emmaus High School and a specific website, a photo-image board packed with pornographic images of young women from all across the country.

Apparently, there were several young ladies from EHS texted naked photos to their boyfriends. The boyfriends then posted those photos on the internet without their girlfriends' consent.

"A couple of my friends were on it and they skipped school for two days out of the embarrassment of being online," EHS senior Tarik Darawsheh.

This issue came to light after the parents of the young ladies involved contacted the Emmaus Police Department.

Now, the Lehigh County DA's office and the state attorney general's office are involved.

But it remains unclear if the young men who posted the photos will face any criminal charges.

Meantime, classmates of the girls whose naked photos are now plastered on the Internet say most of them are absolutely mortified, but they should've known better.

"I think a lot of the girls are really upset about it and wished they didn't do it, but in my opinion, it's like their own fault for sending the pictures to people, if they didn't want them out, they shouldn't send them in the first place," sophomore Emily Sowers said.

Lehigh County DA Jim Martin sent Action News a statement saying charges may be filed but, "The main objective will be to remove the offending materials from the website" and that the "results of the investigation will be announced if, and when, any arrests are made."

Carly Barron, a senior at Emmaus High, says lesson learned.

"It stinks for most girls because they thought they could trust these guys with the photos, but they couldn't," Barron said.

School officials would not speak to us on camera, but do hope this incident becomes a teachable moment. They want parents of teenagers to speak to them about the dangers of sexting and once something is posted on the Internet

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