2-year-old hero comes to aid of grandmother

BLUE BELL, Pa. - October 4, 2011

Last Tuesday, she was ready to drive the little girl home when something serious happened.

"I went to get up, I stood up and I just fell. I still didn't believe it, so I made myself get up and then I fell flat on my face. I could hear everything that was going on, just couldn't speak, and I was numb, one side of my body was completely numb," Maccord said.

Nancy suffered a stroke. 2-year-old Charley may easily have been distracted by her toys, but she wasn't.

"My husband was in the other room and he was on the telephone. Charley went in and got him. She said, 'Poppy, Poppy. Mom-Mom fell," Maccord said.

Charley cried as paramedics worked on her grandmother who was rushed to Abington Memorial Hospital. Two days later, Nancy Maccord was released

Nancy was treated with clot busting drugs in the emergency room, but then Dr. Qaisar Shah and his team administered the drugs through a catheter inserted in the groin and sent right into her brain to break up the clot and allow the blood to flow.

"She was kind of babbling, not making a lot of sense and unable to move her right side. After a while, she started tapping her right arm much faster. I said, 'What's going on?' She said, 'How long is it going to take? I'm bored,'" Dr. Shah said.

Dr. Shah says that little Charley alerting her grandfather right away likely saved critical time in getting treatment for Maccord.

Today, Maccord called Charley her little hero.

Meanwhile, Charley explains it all like, well, like a 2-year-old.

"She fell down and got a boo-boo," Charley said.

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