Occupy Philadelphia preps for City Hall protest

CITY HALL - October 5, 2011

The protest is expected to begin at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow on Dilworth Plaza.

The show of protest on the City Hall steps is planned to be a long one.

"24-7, if necessary 365. We're planning on snow, we're planning on summer heat. We're planning on having this last as long as this needs to last," Occupy Philadelphia organizer Steve Ross said.

Thousands have gathered in New York City for similar protests in recent days causing all sorts of disruptions.

Organizers here don't know what kind of turnout will occur, but they say their message will be clear but peaceful.

"We're not going to be violent, at all. This is 100% peaceful, but we're going to be here occupying and taking it over," Ross said.

Already an increased police presence has been seen on Dilworth Plaza.

Mayor Michael Nutter, police brass, and other city officials have been meeting with Occupy Philadelphia to discuss plans and make preparations for the gathering.

The mayor sympathizes with the grassroots group and believes they are well organized and will obey the law.

"Just want to make sure that everybody can move around and that everyone's orderly and safe and they've certainly indicated that they have a significant amount of rules within themselves about safety issues, about cleanliness, about how they conduct themselves," Nutter said.

Police say the bottom line is people have the right to free speech, but if they break the law they will be arrested.

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