Rutgers - Camden holds fall career fair

CAMDEN, NJ - October 5, 2011

"We have several more recruiters for our fair this year than we had last year. We also are continuing to receive job and internship opportunities directly to the office," says Jim Marino, the Dean of Rutgers-Camden.

Some students who've read about the problems fresh grads have been struggling to land their first job were leery when they came in to the fair.

After several slow years, experts say employers are recruiting on campuses again, hiring is up, and the atmosphere is generally positive and optimistic in the wake of the historic recession we've endured.

Robert Biddle has been recruiting for his South Jersey accounting firm for decades. He says he has jobs to offer next spring, if not sooner.

Those who graduated over the last several years have already suffered, paying the penalties for the poor hiring environment that started in 2007. Barely half of the grads have the kinds of full-time jobs they want, and even fewer have jobs in their field.

For the relatively few new jobs out here, there continues to be steep competition.

The fear goes on, with all involved hoping the picture will continue to improve.

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