Deer sprints through Chester Co. Sprint store

TREDYFFRIN TWP., Pa. - October 10, 2011

The incident happened at the Gateway Shopping Center located off of Rt. 202 at 1101 Valley Forge Road.

Manager Jeremy Johnson and colleague Kunjan Patel had been minding their own business at the counter when the young buck came calling.

"I think we both kind of looked up at the same time, we looked at each other, and we saw the deer kind of coming at us," Johnson said.

"We were both really startled, we look up, look at each other, and we see a deer charging at us," Patel said.

The deer, apparently not looking for the latest in smart phone technology, instead jumped the counter.

"Knocked [a] monitor over, ran into the backroom, and we were like 'I guess we should just leave,' so we ran out the front shut the door and called 911," Johnson said.

Surveillance caught the confused animal scoping out the backroom.

The porcelain sink in the nearby washroom was no match for the sharp deer hooves as it was left in pieces.

Cell phone video shows one of several police officers who eventually persuaded the deer to leave the way he came - through the open front door.

The deer passed an amazed Marcia Renner of Audubon who ducked behind a parked car.

"It went so fast, the antlers on it…looked really strong so we definitely felt better between two cars," Renner said.

Except for the crushed sink the deer did little damage inside, only turning over a box or two.

Patel placed a sign saying the store would be closed the remainder of the evening, taking a bit of license, calling the unexpected visitor one of Santa's reindeer.

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