Wills Eye offers free glaucoma screenings

PHILADELPHIA, PA., October 11, 2011

They can find out more about it, and get screened for it in the process, on Saturday, October 15th at Wills Eye Institute at 840 Walnut Street in Philadelphia.

Glaucoma is the most common cause of irreversible blindness in the world, yet one few people understand.

"It's not just about eye pressure," says Dr. George Spaeth, a glaucoma expert at Wills.

"It's about the damage that pressure is silently doing to the optic nerve at the back of the eye," says Dr. Spaeth.

Glaucoma occurs when the fluid always bring made in the back to the eye can't leave through channels in the front of the eye. it leads to damage of the nerve.

For about 25% of the people with glaucoma, intraocular eye pressure is normal. Dr. Spaeth says that's why it's important for doctors to look at the optic nerve during an exam.

This will be the 5th annual CARES (Committed to Awareness Through Research, Education, and Support) Conference at Wills Eye.

The informational day will include screenings, pressure checks, news of the latest treatment options, and valuable tips on the signs and symptoms of glaucoma.

Doctors expect to screen several hundred people. You can reserve a space at 215-928-3190. However, walk-ins are welcome.

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