Mrs. Fixit: Plumbing A Closet

October 22, 2011

Before you get started, wipe down all of the pieces with a cloth and some rubbing alcohol. It will remove oil that pipes are treated with and the dirt that has stuck to the oil in the store and in transit.

I am using half inch galvanized pipe, if you're planning on hanging heavy items you'll want to choose a wider diameter.

The pipe is sold in ten foot sections, I needed just over ten feet so I had a second piece cut and can use a coupler to join the two so I can have a rod that runs the entire length of the space.

Then secure flanges on each end of the pipe. Find the stud and secure one of the flanges to the wall with screws.

Raise the pipe and make sure it's level. Then secure the second flange to the wall.

Some simple plumbing elements have transformed this wasted space into a great walk in closet for my son! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!

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