Moms turn everyday life into Pilates workout

PHILADELPHIA - October 14, 2011

For Allison Bozic, that weight is getting heavier as little Max gets bigger.

"He's 20 pounds, and then I have a diaper bag that's always full so that's another 10 pounds and then I have the stroller itself weighs 30 pounds," she said.

For many moms including Vanessa London, who's son is also named Max, the extra weight can lead to aches and pains.

"I've been having pretty bad low back pain from poor posture and hunching over and picking him up improperly," Vanessa said.

So now a new Pilates program in Philadelphia is helping women use those obstacles to their advantage. Steffi Freedman, owner of Corp Pilates and also a mom, developed the "new mom movement."

She teaches moms to use the principles of Pilates in everyday life.

She says incorporating the moves, and using the extra weight to your advantage, can help women get their bodies back and prevent injuries.

"So it really helps you become more aware and get stronger in the process," Steffi said.

Steffi also teaches a short floor workout moms can do at home, even when their little ones want to play.

"If you just get 15-20 minutes of core strengthening, and stretching your body out, it will make a world of a difference. You'll feel stronger and more energized," Steffi said.

And if you are a new mom and want to learn how you can use Pilates to your advantage, Corp Pilates is holding workshops throughout the fall.

For more information, visit the Corp Pilates website.

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