Jim Gardner interviews Diane Sawyer

PHILADELPHIA - October 14, 2011

Diane Sawyer was invited to speak before a breakfast crowd of 1,500 Philadelphia business leaders, eager to see her on the other side of the microphone.

She was interviewed on stage by Jim as part of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce's Annual Meeting.

The conversation began with Sawyer's career. Interestingly, she did not start off in news.

"I did the weather, and famously did not have contact lenses and couldn't see the West Coast of the map!" Diane said.

So, a shift to news it was. Her broadcast, ABC's World News covers it all, including the Occupy Wall Street movement.

"In the broadest way, they are expressing the concern that we've all had, at some point, that somehow in this country were not in it together," said Diane.

She also talked about China, quickly occupying America's long held role as a global economic powerhouse.

"They have speed," Diane said. "They believe little more is important than that they get there, and they get there immediately."

Lessons learned on the world's stage, shared today on this one.

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