Students in Warrington say farewell to heroes

WARRINGTON, Pa. - October 14, 2011

The unit is deploying for a year overseas and St. Joseph's hosted what's called the Heroes Farewell Ceremony.

Katie Coogan a student says, "It's kind of like you show respect for them because they're offering their lives so we can be safe."

Student Ryan Sphar added, "They're helping us keep our freedom and I'm just reall thankful for that."

Students stood with their hands on their hearts and holding signs as the troops marched 2 by 2 down the line, offering high 5s as they went.

"They did this all on their own, they wanted to do this and I'm speechless," said Capt. Dean Hillman, Company Commander.

Inside the church the school choir sang for the soldiers and their families and their leaders called those deploying heroes. The 367th asked to do the ceremony at St. Joseph's because over 90% are Catholic.

Pastor, Father Joseph Bordonaro said, "We want to let them know we're gonna pray for them and that they're in our hearts."

Staff Sgt. Michael Hall of Quakertown is leaving behind his wife and 2 children.

"Fortunately for me my family's very supportive and loving. They know how i have to do what I have to do just so I can come back next year," said Hall

Hall's wife Rose said, "It's very hard, but my husband loves what he does and I really am so very proud of him."

Staff Sgt. Ed Thompson of East Oak Lane is anxious to go and get back to his family.

"A little worried but I'm ready to just go and get it over with," said Thompson.

These soldiers are shipping out this weekend for 2 months of training in Texas--then it's on to Afghanistan.

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