Police Chief in Kennett no longer fit to drive

KENNETT TOWNSHIP, Pa. - October 14, 2011

The problem is McCarthy, a revered veteran lawman in southern Chester County had what is called an absence seizure that caused the accident.

He then left the scene without knowing what happened until sometime later.

Chief Al McCarthy, of the Kennett Township Police said, "I don't remember feeling it, and I don't remember it occurred at all."

By state law, the seizure triggered an automatic suspension of the Chief's driver's license. It will take up to 6 months to clear him medically.

The further complication is the Chief is the township's only patrolman, a one man department.

His mission is to roam 20 square miles in the highly affluent town to keep burglars away.

"I stopped driving on my own. I haven't driven a vehicle since this happened...," said McCarthy.

The Township will be without its number one, and one and only cop for quite a while. The township supervisors have a plan they can implement quickly because the local treasury is not hurting.

Bob Hammaker, Township Supervisor added, "We are planning to hire a part-time temporary police officer..."

The township supervisors want Chief McCarthy to return to his full duties patrolling, and he wants to be back out on the scenic roads too, but only time will tell for the lawman of 40 years.

"I'm hoping that's the outcome, and I get a little further along, if that's not practical, the township won't have to make the decision, I'll make it on my own," added McCarthy.

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