Consumer News: cell phones and holiday shopping

October 17, 2011

It will also have to provide an alert once someone exceeds their limits and when their phone links to a cellular system in a foreign country.

This new initiative is part of an agreement announced by the Federal Communications Commission.

Companies can deliver the alert by text or voice but the alerts must be free and automatic. Consumers will also have the choice to opt out of the service.

According to the agreement, some alerts must begin within a year. All of them must begin within 18 months.

The FCC estimates that millions of people are hit with big overage charges every year.

Speaking of cell phone changes, customers with Blackberry phones can look forward to some free premium apps and maybe some free technical support, too.

Research in Motion is trying to make amends for massive outages last week.

The company says the apps are worth more than $100 and will be made available over the coming weeks on Blackberry's App World.

The offer runs until the end of the year.

Last but not least, it may be hard to believe but the world's largest retailer is already kicking off its holiday layaway plan.

Wal-mart is leading things off this holiday season.

For the deal a 10 percent down payment is required and final payment and pickup is due by December 16th.

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