Officer recovers from stabbing, suspect sought

TRENTON - October 18, 2011

Officer William Osterman was released from the hospital this morning.

"Butch" as he's known, was accepting handshakes and good wishes from colleagues after being stabbed twice while working an off-duty security job at the Kingsbury Towers in Trenton last night.

"The one stab wound hit the collar bone and they said that deflected whatever the instrument was that he used, the other was in the right arm," Osterman said.

The 46-year-old former Trenton cop was trying to remove three drunken trespassers from the Kingsbury property about 10:30 p.m. when one of the men slugged him in the jaw and then stabbed Osterman as they struggled down the steps.

"I didn't realize it, I didn't feel it, I didn't see it," Osterman said.

Osterman began chasing the suspect until he realized he was bleeding profusely.

"I lifted my jacket up and my shirt was saturated and I realized something's wrong with me," Osterman said.

Osterman dialed 911, calmly gave the suspect's description and asked for police and an ambulance.

"I don't know what happened to me, get a car here please," Osterman said on the 911 call.

Trenton police have arrested two men in connection with the incident, but are looking for a third man who they believe is the one who actually stabbed Osterman.

A photo of the suspect shows him wearing the yellow shirt and dreadlocks Osterman described in his 911 call.

Police are asking for help identifying the man who now faces attempted homicide charges.

"Sigh of relief here this morning and thank God Butch is going to be okay and we're going to find this culprit and make sure justice is served," Acting Mercer County Sheriff Jack Kemler said.

Butch Osterman is the sheriff department's public information officer.

He says he's a little uncomfortable today and it has nothing to do with his stab wounds.

"I usually give the news. I'm not the news," Osterman said.

A very luck man, Officer Osterman expects to return to duty after a few days off.

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