Family: Daughter died under care of Weston

WEST PHILADELPHIA - October 19, 2011

Mary Lee of West Philadelphia says she didn't even know her daughter, Maxine, was living in Virginia with alleged Tacony dungeon ringleader Linda Weston until investigators in Norfolk notified her of her daughter's death.

Investigators in Virginia say there were no signs of foul play and Maxine's cause of death was ruled as complications from bacterial meningitis.

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But the landlord of the home in Norfolk says Weston was in a big hurry to leave after Maxine's death.

"She had moved, she had left with all her belongings still in the house," the landlord said.

Weston had been telling people in Virginia that she was caring for three disabled women including Maxine Lee.

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But Mary Benson, Maxine's close friend from years ago says Maxine was not disabled.

She can only wonder about the events leading up to her death.

"She was a quiet person, she was a subtle person, but she was very easy to be manipulated, very easy, because it was like she was looking for something that wasn't there," Benson said.

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