Teen Driver Safety

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - October 21 2011

This past summer, a tragedy took four young lives far too soon.

They were members of Mainland Regional High School's football team in South Jersey.

Eight of them were heading to a practice luncheon.

Spokesperson for Triple-A in Philadelphia, Jenny Robinson says, "This week is all about calling attention to the problems and concerns teen drivers face."

In a recent study, a camera was put in several cars to see what's going on when teens are behind the wheel.

"...Most of the drivers were okay, but some of the scenes were pretty scary," said Robinson.

One driver is blasting his music and completely blows a stop sign.

Another driver in the video is on a cellphone as he nears a stopped school bus with children.

You also see a teen laughing uncontrollably with a friend while making two quick left turns.

Robinson says, "Just because your teen got his/her license doesn't mean they're ready to be left alone."

"Find reasons to travel with your teen, or just insist you get in the car and keep practicing because those first couple of months are really critical," added Robinson.

Elected officials in Pennsylvania have stepped in by passing House bill 9.

The new legislation limits the number of passengers a driver under the age of 18 can have, and makes failure to wear seat belts a primary offense.

The law goes into effect in January.

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