Court hearing about children in 'dungeon' case

PHILADELPHIA - October 20, 2011

Police tracked down the juveniles in and around the Frankford section after the discovery over the weekend of four mentally disabled adults found locked in a Tacony subbasement.

Police say this was all part of a scheme to collect government benefits from the victims, with the 51-year-old Weston as the ringleader.

It was a closed-door hearing, with no news cameras or reporters allowed inside while a judge reviews each child's case.

Court was delayed as necessary files came in from DHS. The judge goes through each child's case while DHS frames a plan for care and treatment.

Police say, in many of the cases, DNA testing will have to take place to determine birth parents.

Action News spoke with a family advocate who is representing two sets of children. He wasn't able to provide specifics, but described this as a "shelter care" hearing. The children have been in protective custody and, given the circumstances, that's likely where they'll stay.

Also outside family court was Joseph McIntosh - son of Linda Weston and the brother of another defendant, 32-year-old Jean McIntosh.

"I haven't seen my mom in a while. She's been travelling," said Joseph McIntosh.

He said he has been struggling with news of the allegations.

"Hopefully justice will be served. I mean, if she was doing it, or had anything involved with it, it comes out," said Joseph McIntosh.

Also charged were Gregory Thomas, 47, and Eddie "the Rev. Ed" Wright, 50.

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