Exclusive: Weston's son speaks of abuse, starvation

PHILADELPHIA - October 20, 2011

In his first interview, Linda Weston's oldest son talks about the emotional and physical scars suffered under her care.

"I got hit in the head when I was younger with a high heel shoe, put a hole in my head. I was beaten with extension cords, with table legs," the son said.

For much of his early life, he says his mother would lock him in closets and basements much like the dungeon uncovered this past weekend where four mentally challenged adults were found.

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"I was just locked away, I wasn't out too much. Some days I'd be in a closet , some days I would be not fed," he said.

After Linda Weston was convicted for murder in 1981, he fell into the care of his aunt who we're not naming.

He says the abuse continued.

Again he was starved. When he was fed, she'd sometimes place cockroaches in his food.

"I'm so hungry. I was just forgetting the bugs were there. I would eat out the trash. I still got memories of that," he said.

After years of disconnect, he tried to reestablish a relationship with his mother and family in 2009.

When he met her, inside the house was Beatrice Weston, his cousin whom police say was kidnapped by Linda as part of a scheme for Social Security benefits.

He and Beatrice's mother notified police and within days Linda picked up and left the state where her alleged evil scheme continued.

"She's a great charmer, have you smiling and laughing and while you're smiling and laughing, she's plotting on you," he said.

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