Masked gunmen sought in failed ATM heist

MOORESTOWN, N.J. - October 21, 2011

It happened around 4:00 a.m. Friday in the store located on Chester Ave.

A clerk was working alone when two men, wearing ski masks and gloves, entered the store.

Surveillance video shows the men come in pointing guns at the clerk. They force him into a cooler in the back of the store.

"They bind his hands and legs with duct tape and force him to the ground in the cooler. Those two initial suspects stay in the cooler with him," said Det. John Hinshillwood of the Moorestown Police.

Meanwhile, two other hooded suspects enter the store with a hand truck and head to the ATM near the front window. They try to force it free, but eventually give up.

The men head back to the cooler to demand the clerk give them the keys to the ATM and the safe, which he doesn't have. In the end they took his wallet containing $400 and headed out the back door.

The clerk was not injured.

  "Definitely a lot of planning. We believe they placed two cones out in front of two parking spots in order to secure those spots," said Det. Hinshillwood.

  Investigators think the men planned to back up a truck to haul the ATM away, but it wasn't necessary because the machine was too heavy for them to pull out.

  Police are asking anyone with information about this incident to contact them at 856-914-3092.

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