Goldstar bring half-price tickets to Philadelphia

Oct. 31, 2011

It's a new website called "GoldStar."

Goldstar CEO Jim McCarthy explains, "We're new in Philadelphia, so I think we have maybe 30 to 40 things available on the site today, but I would expect that in six months to a year, that'll be more like 100 to 125 things that will represent really a wide variety of things going on in the city."

Once you sign up for Goldstar, you'll be able to get deals like tickets for a dinner cruise on the Spirit of Philadelphia for $44.83 instead of $89.65. Or chef Joseph Poon's Wok'n'Walk Tour of Chinatown for $36 instead of $60.

The subscription doesn't cost anything. You only pay when you buy tickets. Plus, you can read reviews of shows and concerts that other Goldstar members post. And if you're traveling, you can access Goldstar deals in other major cities.

McCarthy adds, "A lot of our members tell us that they do so much more in the town they live in. because they joined Goldstar. They didn't know certain things existed at all and then by being on Goldstar they found out about it."

Goldstar adds another discount ticket option for Philadelphians, who can already access the Philly Fun Guide.

On that site, you can sign up for the weekly href="">Philly FunSavers email, which will send half-price ticket deals to your inbox each week.

To sign up for Goldstar, click here.

To sign up for the Philly Fun Guide's FunSavers email, click here.

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