Local reaction to the Iraq pullout

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. - October 21, 2011

Nearly 5,000 troops have died there, since 2003.

Ellen and Mike Weiglein's son, Army Staff Sgt. Joe Weinglien was among them.

Ellen Weiglein said, "All these years, these men and women have loving America, taking care and protecting us. Now it's time for us to reach out and embrace them.

"I was glad to see them coming back, but no one else may have to pay the price, but my son did," said Mike Weiglein.

Sgt. Weinglein died from an improvised explosive device in 2007. His family learned of the news today while preparing for a benefit in his honor scheduled for tomorrow.

"If the job was done, he would behind him….so I have to assume the job is done," said Ellen.

Some critics' worry the job isn't done…that more progress needs to be made in Iraq, and leaving could lead the chaos there encrippled…

Justin Menda of Rittenhouse Square said, "It's in everyone's best interest…to end our involvement there, safely as soon as possible. I'm just worried that there may be too much politics and too little reality."

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