Thousands walk to cure Juvenile Diabetes

PHILADELPHIA - October 23, 2011

There were several walks happening throughout the Delaware Valley to raise money. One of the largest was along the Ben Franklin Parkway.

Nearly 10,000 people gathered on the Parkway for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation's "Walk to Cure Diabetes." Action News' Jamie Apody was the MC for the event.

"It's a great vibe, everyone comes out. It brings awareness and they realize how much fun it is and they'll come back next year and raise more money," said Brittany Anderson.

The work of two teenagers in particular has gone a long way.

Syndy and Mckenzie Cohn started a team that has raised $1.75 million towards finding a cure.

"Today at the JDRF walk is the most inspiring day I have all year. We see hundreds of our friends and thousands of people from Philadelphia come out to help find a cure and work together on a beautiful glorious day," said Matt Cohn.

Young people stricken with Type 1 Diabetes were appreciative of all the support shown at the walk.

"It's great, it's awesome. I feel a lot of love," said Kelley Goldner.

"It's crazy seeing everybody out here. I don't see that a lot," said Jenn Smith.

Masses of people walked down Martin Luther King Drive, to Kelly Drive and back towards the Philadelphia Art Museum.

Pennsylvania Congressman Pat Meehan was one of many proud supporters.

"I was a young child, and I watched my grandfather deal with diabetes. In a day when diabetes was a death sentence, he was one of the first people to try insulin and he lived to be in his 70s," said Rep. Meehan.

Mayor Michael Nutter also attended the event.

"This walk, this effort is critically important and it's great to see so many young people and families out. This really is a family event and a fantastic day as well," said Mayor Nutter.

Overall the walkers agree that it was a good time had by all and officials expect that the walk will raise up to $2 million.

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