Shooting leads to standoff in Darby Twp.

DARBY TWP., Pa. - October 24, 2011

"When you hear a gun, oh my God, immediately because no one wants to hear that," Darby Township resident Josh Hoopes said.

Police say a 16-year-old boy met up with two other teens to sell them drugs behind these homes near Ashland Avenue and Poplar Street around 3:00 p.m.

Words were exchanged and investigators believe the 16-year-old opened fire striking his 18-year-old customer in the stomach.

He was transported to the hospital in critical condition and underwent surgery.

"It makes you angry because you want your kids to be safe and you want to be safe and we don't need that around here," Darby Township resident Dawn Gehret said.

The shooting suspect took off.

Residents were giving one tip after another to police as the armed boy ran through the streets.

"Our citizens have really stepped up today. I can actually say the residents of Darby Township really did an outstanding job today in giving us the details as they played out," Darby Township Chief Leonard McDevitt said.

Police tracked down the teen at his home around the block on Beech Avenue.

A growing crowd watched SWAT move in with their shields and weapons to remove neighbors from their houses.

"I saw a SWAT team out front pointing guns at my house and I shut the door again and they came up to me and escorted me," resident Joe Barlam said.

Finally, after a two hour standoff, the alleged young gunman surrendered with his father by his side.

"This is nothing to surprising to me, but I don't want it to happen next door to my house ever," Barlam said.

Police say the 16-year-old attends Academy Park High School.

Prosecutors are trying figure out if they can charge him as an adult.

Investigators spent the evening at the township's municipal building interviewing the shooting suspect, his father, and the other teen who was at that drug deal.

No names have been released in this case.

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