24 players thrown off NJ football team

PINE HILL, NJ - October 28, 2011

That was until 24 members of the team, including the 17-year-old twins, were thrown off the team.

They staged a protest over one of their teammates who was dismissed last week.

"They just said 'your season's over' and it all went down the drain from there," De Andre Dredden said.

His brother, Devon Dredden added, "Now that we got kicked off the team my spirit's just went down. I walk around school with my head down and everything."

According to Overbrook head football coach, Wade Inge, the student initially expelled from the team was vulgar and abusive to athletic staff and it would not be tolerated.

"We have a contract that is signed by every football player and parent about conduct and discipline, what we expect of them and what we need them to do," said Inge. "What they did is in direct violation of [the contract].

Devon and DeAndre's father, James Thomas says he dosen't support disrespect but does think his sons did the right thing in siding with a friend.

James Thomas said "Maybe they haven't seen the repercussions of it, or really weighed out the pros and cons of it, but they stood up for their teammate."

The student at the center of the affair told Action News that what he did was wrong and wishes he could take it back. He feels bad about his teammates but appreciates they're taking his side.

The J.V. will join the remaining varsity members to field a team for the last three games of the season but Friday night's game against Haddonfield has been forfeited.

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