ESPN Anaylst Ron Jaworski talks Eagles, Cowboys

October 28, 2011

ESPN Analyst Ron Jaworski weighs in on the Eagles key to success.

"Where they don't want to be is behind Dallas. Beating the Cowboys Sunday will tie the two teams at 3-4. We know the Eagles need to be worried about Tony Romo, Dez Bryant, Miles Austin and DeMarco Murray, but it doesn't stop there."

"Jason Whitten matched against a linebacker is somewhat of a mismatch, not only for the Eagles linebackers, but whoever he plays. So you're going to have to get a safety or double team him somehow. But I think one of those X-factors is Jason Whitten."

"If the Eagles can run the ball well, and if Michael can get those 3 and 5 step drops out early and keep the offense on schedule, I think they'll be fine. If they get third and long, those are the disaster downs; those are junk downs for the Dallas defense, so you got to stay out of that situation," says Jaworski.

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