Local residents brace for first taste of winter

PHILADELPHIA - October 28, 2011

"I don't want it. I am completely in denial," says Julie Desiderio.

That's one way to handle it.

"I'm going to enjoy it," says Susan Price. "I'm going to stay inside and be cozy."

Halloween weekend is typically busy with people out and about, but this year, many trick or treaters are opting to stay inside.

"Our daughter is going to be a cupcake, so we don't want her running through the grass getting her outfit ruined," said David Smith.

Occupy Philly protestors say staying inside is not an option for them. They are determined to continue occupying Dilworth Plaza even if it means sleeping on cold cement.

More tents have gone up and the group is handing out blankets and warm clothes.

"Even when it gets cold, we have to be there, we have to be here, and we're helping to keep those people warm," Mary Chase said.

Hardware stores in the area haven't even bothered putting out snow equipment displays because they haven't seen a mad rush. But chains like Home Depot in South Philadelphia already have the shovels and the salt ready just in case.

Home Depot says Friday night was slow and only a handful of people came in to buy supplies.

"That was me last year, coming to Home Depot when they had already run out of salt, so I will get enough for the year, and we don't have to worry about it," said Myles Goodman.

For those who are still in denial, they plan to spend this weekend thinking about those warmer days.

"I like summer," said Smith. "I'm missing it right now."

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