Parts of Chester County still in the dark

TREDYFFRIN TWP, Pa. - October 31, 2011

The heavily wooded hillside neighborhoods of Tredyffrin Township took a big hit.

PECO was reconnecting Steve Robinson's home after two trees crashed down on it, poking a hole in the roof and crushing two cars in the driveway.

"Sounded like an eruption, thunder, earthquake," Robinson said.

Steve and his family were trapped.

No power, no heat, a hole in the roof and trees on top of their cars.

Today, they at least managed to get a generator hooked up.

"We're still working out with insurance whether we should leave or not whether our house is safe because the branches and things are through the window," Colleen Robinson said.

PECO brought in crews from as far away as Chicago and Georgia.

They've also hired local contractors to clear the trees and limbs away from the power lines.

They're moving from neighborhood to neighborhood as quickly as they can.

Not quick enough for customers who've been shivering without heat for the past two days.

They're too cold and the food in the refrigerator isn't cold enough.

"Unfortunately, we probably lost everything, all our food; we're looking forward to the heat coming back on, I'm just going to blast it and it's going to be a sauna in our house for a while," resident Jane Battafarano said.

In the meantime, the neighbors are looking out for each other.

"I have a small kerosene heater so I was able to keep in one room, but I gave it off to a family with some kids," neighbor Peter Schirk said.

They love and hate the trees – a cool canopy in the summer, but a scary menace when it storms.

"I guess if you live in the woods, it's what you expect, nothing you can do about it, take it one day at a time," Steve Robinson said.

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