Tracking firehouse burglaries in Trenton

TRENTON, N.J. - November1, 2011

Once inside the firehouse on Calhoun Street in Trenton, the thieves stole items from the locker room and this wasn't the first time.

"This is the third time our firehouse has been broken into in the last couple months," said Captain Mike Candelori.

Fire officials are still shocked that something like this keeps happening.

"It boggles my mind. These are the same men people rely on to save their lives," said Qareeb Bashir, the Fire Department Director.

The Trenton Fire Department, it seems, has been under siege.

Some firefighters say that someone even tried to steal a power saw from a fire truck as crews battled a blaze last month.

"In a normal sensible society, this wouldn't happen. First responders are here to protect the people," said Captain Peter Fiabane.

One firefighter says that not long ago a teenager threw a large concrete block, narrowly missing one of their men.

A resident who lives near the firehouse just can't understand how people could behave in such a way.

"Whoever is doing this, you have to look at it like their only hurting us as a community. That's the problem with people in this world, they always want to hurt people," said Quashawn Kendrick.

Officials believe that someone is observing the firehouse and knows when the trucks leave.

If anyone in the neighborhood sees something suspicious, they are urged to contact Trenton Police.

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