Caught on camera: Dancing shoplifter in NJ

GLOUCESTER TWP., NJ - November 2, 2011

The scene was the Kmart in Blackwood in early October. The man shown on surveillance video appeared to be rocking to some music as he looked at several t-shirts in the women's department. Finally, he stuffed a red dress under his shirt.

"It may not appear so serious, but when taken together, there are quite a few of those cases that exist," said Gloucester Township Police Chief Harry Earle.

So Gloucester Township Police have been posting videos on YouTube. And while the alleged dancing shoplifter is still at large, they say they've solved three other cases by using social media

"It's like the old days when you'd go to the post office and see the wanted flyers on the wall. Now people can sit at their homes, sit on their phones and watch these videos," said Detective Chuck Dougherty.

And hopefully will call police. One alleged Kmart shoplifter was confronted by a security officer on his way out. She asked him to step back inside where he pulled out a dress, threw it to the floor and fled the store. If caught, he'll still be charged with retail theft.

Shoppers say they aren't surprised that people still shoplift even with the proliferation of surveillance cameras.

"I think a lot of it is that times are hard. People are desperate and will do whatever they can do to make ends meet. People are going to try it no matter what cameras are around," said shopper Belinda Pizarro.

Security cameras are just about everywhere. But obviously they don't always deter crime. That said, Gloucester Twp. Police say they will continue posting on YouTube and using social media to deal with anti-social behavior.

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