Hollywood Buzz: Gaga Thanksgiving, Justing Bieber, Jersey Shore

Bieber denies knowing Yeater] /*Justin Bieber*/ says not only did he not have relations with /*Maria Yeater*/ last fall, he claims he's never even met the woman. The 17-year-old singer went on to call Yeater's allegations "crazy". She is suing Bieber and asking a judge for a paternity test and child support. But if yeater does end up proving the teen is her baby's father, it might land her in jail. The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating Yeater right now, saying she could be charged with statutory rape. She was 19 at the time of the alleged incident. Bieber was 16.

A Very Gaga Thanksgiving on ABC
Food, football, family and /*Lady Gaga*/? Apparently that's a recipe for a perfect "Turkey Day." /*Katie Couric*/ just announced she will be interviewing the performer for an ABC special called, "A Very Gaga Thanksgiving." Gaga will also perform 8 songs for a small audience of her friends and family, including a duet with /*Tony Bennett*/. The group will reportedly dine on deep-fried turkey and waffles. The 90-minute special airs on 6abc Thanksgiving night.

Jersey Shore's Vinny gives lecture at Columbia
Gym, tan, Learning? Vinny from MTV's, "Jersey Shore" made a surprise cameo as a guest lecturer at New York's Columbia University. The cast-member spoke at the Ivy League school during a sociology class on deviance. Apparently, Vinny works with the anti-bullying group Do Something, and was invited to the class by a student who interns for the organization. His tag line? "Use your fists for pumping.... Not for punching."

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