6at4 Business Report: HEADLINE

November 4, 2011

JetBlue to refund stranded passengers
JetBlue is working on refunding all of its passengers that were stranded during Saturday's Nor'easter. Heavy snow kept five of the airline's planes stuck on the tarmac for at least 8 hours in Connecticut. The airline says it's already started the process of paying everyone back, but it's going to take a while. Stuck passengers can expect not only a refund, but also a roundtrip voucher for a future trip.

Dismal jobs report
It was a downer on the jobs front today. The Labor Department says only 80,000 jobs were created in October. That's less than were expected. It's another sign progress in the jobs market is frustratingly slow. There is a small positive in that report: The unemployment rate fell to a six month low of 9%.

Roupon goes public
Groupon started trading on the NASDAQ today. Shares of the online coupon retailer were priced at $20 a piece and surged by as much as 56% during its trading debut. Groupon managed to drum up interest even after its accounting practices were questioned and despite several PR gaffes.

Skeptics say the stock might have shot higher today but they aren't too confident going forward given the questions on their accounting.

Dippin' Dots goes bankrupt
The "ice cream of the future" first has to deal with some debts of the past. Dippin' Dots, which is a staple at malls and amusement parks, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Despite the bankruptcy, the company will remain in business.

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