Police make arrest in Reading kidnapping

READING, Pa. - November 4, 2011

It happened on Spring Street where the girl lives, where she returned, and where her alleged kidnappers were arrested.


Reading Police are throwing the book at a pair of alleged kidnappers, after a terrifying ordeal for a 14year old girl Thursday night.

The girl was forced into a car by two women outside her mother's home on the 400 block of Spring Garden Street around 3:30 Thursday afternoon.

They called her mother soon after, and demanded $1,000.

The victim's mother called the police, and the ransom calls went back and forth all night.

The police advised the girl's mother to pay the ransom.

The two alleged kidnappers returned the girl to her mother's home around 2:30 am Friday morning.

The women are all acquaintances, so, the police knew who they were dealing with. They staked out the home of one of the suspects, and sure enough, that's where the two suspects went after they got the ransom.

Police say they found a stolen handgun in their car, along with a quantity of the hallucinogenic drug PCP.

The suspects are 26-year old Grace Perez-Jimenez and 21 year old Samantha Conrad.

They are charged with kidnapping and drug offenses.

Perez-Jimenez and Conrad are being held without bail pending a court appearance later Friday night.

The 14 year old girl is okay, a bit shaken up, but otherwise unharmed, much to everyone's relief.

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